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Our Classes

Fresh Arts Tiny Frogs are fun creative sessions for Early Years Children. On Saturdays these sessions run for 90 minutes and we do 30 minutes of Dance and Movement, 30 minutes of Singing and Music and 30 minutes of Speech and Drama each week. We learn and play with our friendly mascot Freddie the Frog. We have original songs and a progressive curriculum which helps children to develop in line with The Early Years and Foundation Stage’ curriculum and child development research.

We also run Fresh Arts Tiny Frogs sessions during the week in nurseries, preschools and community centres. These sessions run for 30 minutes per group and are a fantastic introduction to the drama or dance for young children.

If you would like to run Fresh Arts Tiny Frogs in your nursery or early years setting you can choose a drama or dance focus. For nurseries we offer classes in the following age bands:

0-2 Crawlers

Our Crawlers group is sensory drama for your very young learners. These sessions are fun, sensory drama sessions designed to encourage your very youngest children to explore, react and respond to a range of sensory stimuli within a drama story. The sessions are designed to build over time to see children and carers working together to respond and communicate through touch, looks, gestures and eventually language.

2-3 Jumpers

Our Infants classes are for children between reception and year 2. These classes are especially designed for this age group to build confidence, self esteem and performance skills. The children have lots of fun exploring performing arts and making new friends. All infants children do sessions of Speech and Drama, Dance and Movement and Singing and Music and are encouraged to express themselves in each lesson. During the classes children learn poems, scripts and songs, do role play and learn dance routines and warm ups. Children in the infants classes are prepared for annual LAMDA and LCM examinations.

3-4 Hoppers

In our Hoppers ‘speech and drama’ focused class, the 3-4 year olds in your setting are supported to grow in confidence and creativity, use their imaginations, explore different stories and worlds and to practice their speaking and listening. Each week children have the opportunity to play drama games, imagine they are in the world of the story and go on a fun magical adventure with Freddie the Frog.

In our Hoppers ‘dance and movement’ focused class, children participate in fun preschool dance classes focusing on a different routine each half term- the classes are linked in with the EYFS curriculum and support the children in developing their skills and co-ordination. Each week they do a fun dance warm up, play dance games, learn routines and have a physical adventure with our mascot Freddie the Frog.