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LCM Exams

At Fresh Arts Theatre School we prepare students for annual London College of Music (LCM) Examinations in Music Theatre. These examinations help students to gain confidence in musical performance and singing. There are eight graded LCM Music Theatre Examinations and two introductory levels. We enter students from age four upwards to a level that best suits their ability and age. We have found that preparing for these examinations helps our students to grow in confidence, presentation skills and to improve both their singing and dance skills.

The standard graded examination consists of a performance of two to four pieces and a discussion. We believe that participation in these examinations will encourage and inspire a love of the musical and literary aspects of the genre. Students who participate in the higher level LCM examinations achieve UCAS points which can support them in future applications to university.

Participating in LCM exam supports our over arching aims of making quality arts education available for all students. We are proud to say we currently have a 100% pass rate.

The Key Benefits of LCM Music Theatre Examinations are:

  • Increased confidence.
  • Improves singing and dance skills.
  • Improved sense of pitch, rhythm and timing.
  • Children have fun performing and dressing up as their character.
  • Builds a knowledge and love of the genre.
  • Fully accredited examination which gains UCAS points.